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Excellent as an aperitif or with typical Mediterranean dishes, such as: salads, pasta, seafood and white meats. Also excellent with tasty and spicy Asian dishes. Grapes used Chardonnay, Grechetto and Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes, harvested by hand, were deprived of the stalks, cooled and kept for a short time in maceration with their skins. Subsequently, the juice was separated from the solid parts by means of pressing, decanted and started fermentation. The whole process took place at a controlled temperature.

The wine obtained was immediately filtered and kept at low temperatures for a spontaneous and natural stabilization as well as to maintain the fruity characteristics born from fermentation. It has not undergone clearing and stabilizing treatments with chemicals. Color Straw yellow with greenish reflections. Pleasantly fruity, with deliberately not excessive aromatic characteristics. Good body and right acidity, while being dry it maintains a velvety and caressing finish. Alcohol 12.5% ​​vol. ù

Serving temperature 10-12 ° C."

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