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"Vino e Compagnia Bella"

You may be wondering… why “Vino e Compagnia Bella” (translated, Wine and Good Company)?

Because good company is what accompanies wine and wine is good company! If you drink it alone, it keeps you good company. If you taste it in two, the company is beautiful by itself. And if you enjoy it in company, company becomes even more beautiful! Our aim? Pampering our customers with optimal service and convenient home delivery, ensuring a high quality product at affordable prices. We cover the whole Premana area and its wonderful mountain pastures, then the province of Lecco and Lombardy region. However, we aim to take all of Italy, Europe and, why not, the entire globe ... Our 24-hour service is provided thanks to a distributor that allows you to choose between about thirty different labels of red, white and sparkling wines. You can choose in two different ways: - Simply typing the code of the box in which the desired bottle is inserted; - By consulting the range offered by the distributor, with options enabling the filtering by type (red, white, sparkling) or based on the advice on the food which is going to accompany the bottle of wine.

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The first type of sale of "Vino e Compagnia Bella" is the vending machine, located in Piazza della Chiesa, in Via Roma 1 in Premana, very easy to find. The vending machine is just like any automatic vending machine for water or snacks, for instance, but it contains bottles of wine in various types and price ranges

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How does it work?

The distributor works with cash or cards, after inserting the health card / Regional Service Card. You can choose directly the desired bottle or, may you prefer a suggestion, you can choose by type, region of production, food association. Enter the code for the wine you want to purchase, take the bottle and… have a good company! Cheers!
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Vino e Compagnia bella è un progetto realizzato all’interno del bando Start-up Alto Lago di Como e Valli del Lario di Regione Lombardia. L’investimento principale ha riguardato l’acquisto di un macchinario all’avanguardia, brevettato e unico nel suo genere, che consente la vendita automatizzata di vini e altre bevande. Fanno parte del progetto stesso, il presente sito internet new concept per la vendita e-commerce, l’affitto del negozio ed alcuni hardware. Il progetto terminerà a dicembre 2021.

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