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Grilled meat, meat dishes, game, pasta, risotto with mushrooms, seasoned mountain cheeses HOW TO SERVE IT at 15-17 ° C VINIFICATION A wine from a 10-hectare vineyard located 100 meters above sea level, where the vines bloom on average for 20 years. Soils that are not excessive enjoy a delicate Mediterranean climate. The density of the vines is between 4500 and 5400 per hectare, which produce about 7000 kg of grapes. The spurred cordon pruning and the cultivation of the vine preserve the balance; the harvest takes place exclusively by hand. The vinification begins with the open fermentation of the must in conical oak barrels. Subsequently, the wine matures for ten months of malolactic fermentation in barriques, some of the second passage, while others of the third. Then, there are further 6 months of bottle aging."

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